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About the Program

We're launching the Family Child Care Back-up/Substitute Program Pilot to tackle care disruptions by providing qualified subs for in-home and family child care providers during absences. This initiative ensures affordable, high-quality care by balancing investments from providers and community support, addressing the growing demands for exceptional child care even when regular caregivers are unavailable.

Teacher and Pupil
Art Class

What's In It For You?

Half or Full Day Back-up Substitute Options

Nominal Co-pay of $25 or $50

Qualified Substitutes

Ease of Engagement



Concept & Pilot Program Development Acknowledgements: The program concept was collaboratively developed with the involvement of participants from United for Childcare in Steele County, Minnesota. Noteworthy contributions came from the leadership of the United Way of Steele County, along with key representatives from Families First of Minnesota, Owatonna Public Schools, MNPrairie County Alliance, Steele County Public Health, employers and community figures from Steele County. The program also gained critical input and feedback from local area family child care providers. The initiative and pilot phases were financially supported, in part, by Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.


The program is being administered by Business of Child Care and The CareConnection.

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